Crocodile: Montreal's Newest Pop-Up Bar Mixes Craftsmanship with Creativity

Montreal, QC — Nestled in the charming enclave of Little Italy, a new venture has sprung up at 6484 Boul St-Laurent, promising to be a refreshing addition to Montreal’s vibrant cocktail scene. Crocodile, an experimental bar, will be open for the summer until autumn, transforming how locals and visitors enjoy their aperitifs.

Innovative Collaboration

Alambika, known for its innovative approach to beverages, has partnered with acclaimed mixologist Max Coubès to launch Crocodile at the Alkademie, a hidden gem tucked away behind its boutique. This partnership marks a continuation of Alambika's commitment to combining artisanal skills with modern flair, creating an ephemeral summer aperitif bar that is set to make a splash.

crocodile popup bar

A Menu That Tells a Story

Starting May 18, 2024, Crocodile will offer a menu that features a mix of creative aperitif cocktails, local beers—highlighting selections from Messorem—and wines from Quebec, including eight varieties from Pinard & Filles. What's more, Crocodile is set to cater to all tastes with an extensive range of non-alcoholic options, ensuring that every guest finds something to delight their palate. These drinks will be served in handcrafted glassware, showcasing the latest trends and the finest cocktail accessories.

Craft and Quality at the Heart

Since its inception in 2012, Alambika and its founder, Jean-Sébastien Michel, have been at the forefront of promoting quality spirits, wines, and cocktails, both to the general public and the hospitality industry. Max Coubès, a veteran mixologist and for the second year running nominee for the Lauriers de la gastronomie québécoise, brings his expertise back to the bar with a tantalizing cocktail menu that honors the aperitif tradition—a trend that has gained international acclaim and allows for guilt-free enjoyment the next day.

Jean-Sebastien Michel and Max Coubes

Sustainability and Education

Crocodile is not just about serving drinks; it’s about promoting a culture of responsible drinking and creativity. The bar serves as a laboratory for future Éduc'alcool recommendations, aiming to assist establishments in offering informed consumption choices to their patrons.

Art Meets Beverage
The visual experience at Crocodile is curated by illustrator Sarah Fatmi, whose artwork will be displayed throughout the project’s duration, adding an artistic flourish that complements the innovative spirit of the drinks.

 Practical Information for Visitors 
Crocodile will welcome guests from May 18 to September 2024, from Thursday to Saturday, starting at 5:00 PM until "When the bartender has had enough." The entrance is discreetly located within Alambika's store at 6484 Saint-Laurent or via Beaubien West.

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Join us at Crocodile this summer—where every drink tells a story. 

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