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Bittercube - Root Beer Bitters 5oz

148ml (5oz)


  • Earthy and dark, Root Beer Bitters are complex and complement barrel-aged spirits. Citrus and herbal notes balance robust spices like anise and cinnamon.

    Select Ingredients: Sarsaparilla, Birch, Anise, Dandelion, Vanilla, Ceylon, Wintergreen

    Application: Rum Old Fashioned, Tiki Cocktails, Hard Cider, Cookies

    Ingredient Fact: In addition to Sassafras, the ingredients Sarsaparilla, Birch and Star Anise are also prevalent in historical formulas for root beer.



Bittercube literally creates the bitters by hand, peeling hundreds of pounds of citrus, weighing dozens of spices, and decorticating vanilla beans, among other time consuming tasks! Bittercube Bitters does not use any extracts or oils, but only “raw” ingredients, taking anywhere from four to eight weeks depending on variety.




  • Mélasse, girofle, sassafras, salsepareille
  • Aussi disponible en formats de 1oz et 32oz
  • Fabriqués à la main, en petits lots, à Milwaukee



Bittercube fabrique ses bitters à la main, ce qui implique peler des centaines de tonnes d'agrumes, peser des douzaines d'épices différentes, décortiquer des fèves de vanille, et une multitude d'autres tâches laborieuses et longues. Bittercube n'utilise pas d'huiles essentielles: elle travaille seulement avec des ingrédients frais, macérés pour un temps variant entre 4 à 8 semaines.


Bittercube was founded by Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz in Madison, in 2009. Nick and Ira began developing bitters before Bittercube was formed and brought their ideas, techniques and recipes together. For nearly a year, the duo formulated, tweaked and refined their recipes and the large lineup of Bittercube Bitters was born. They also came up with some bar accessories. Bittercube Bitters are developed in Milwaukee, WI and created in Madison, WI, using spirits from Yahara Bay Distillers, where all aspects of production are completed.

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