Alkademie Courses, meticulously crafted by Alambika, stand as a testament to our 12 years of unwavering expertise in the cocktail and wine industry. As pioneers in this realm, we have not only supplied top-tier glassware, barware, and premium cocktail ingredients to establishments across Canada and the US but have also been integral in shaping the vibrant cocktail landscape. Our legacy extends beyond mere provisions; we have crafted exquisite cocktail menus and actively engaged in the pulse of the industry's lifeblood. Proudly, our latest endeavor, Alkademie, flings open its doors to enthusiasts, novices, and connoisseurs alike, offering a profound immersion into the art of mixology.

Led by luminaries who have honed their craft within the world's finest bars and restaurants, our courses transcend the ordinary. Alkademie is a sanctuary where cocktail culture takes center stage, where every sip is a journey and every libation a masterpiece. Here, we elevate the understanding of mixology from a mere skill to an art form. Through a seamless blend of theory and hands-on practice, participants grasp the intricacies of flavor profiles, the alchemy of ingredients, and the nuances of presentation. Whether an aspiring bartender or an aficionado seeking to deepen their knowledge, Alkademie Courses promise an immersive experience that unveils the secrets of mixology's finest. Welcome to the realm where cocktail dreams are crafted and clinked to life.


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