Hudson Standard

Who is Hudson Standard?

The brand "The Hudson Standard" was created by the Rocheleau-Rivest family. They were inspired by the resurgence of interest in bitters and shrubs, traditional American syrups. Their passion for local ingredients and preserving the natural flavors of the Hudson Valley led them to establish the brand. They chose the name "The Hudson Standard" to reflect their commitment to capturing the essence of the region.

The brand stands out due to its focus on locally-sourced ingredients and its revival of historical recipes like shrubs. It combines traditional methods of preserving fruit with modern craft cocktail trends. The brand's dedication to quality, using organic apple cider vinegar for their shrubs and locally-inspired flavors for their bitters, sets them apart.

the brand offers a variety of products including shrubs and bitters. Their Strawberry Rhubarb shrub is a standout. It combines the tanginess of rhubarb with the sweetness of strawberries, making it versatile for both cocktails and culinary applications, such as dressings. The combination of locally-sourced ingredients and traditional preservation methods creates a distinct and flavorful product.

Choosing "The Hudson Standard" means supporting a brand deeply rooted in the Hudson Valley's rich culinary heritage. Their commitment to organic, locally-sourced ingredients ensures a genuine and flavorful experience. Their products cater to those interested in craft cocktails, natural sodas, and unique flavors that reflect the region's identity.

"The Hudson Standard" products are designed for cocktail enthusiasts, health-conscious individuals, and those looking for unique culinary ingredients. Their shrubs can be used as cocktail mixers, soda stream syrups, or even in dressings and marinades. The bitters, made from locally-inspired flavors, are perfect for enhancing cocktails, mocktails, and various culinary creations. The products offer a natural, regional twist to beverages and recipes.