Walter Caesar

Who is Walter Caesar?

The brand was created by Walter Chell, who invented the Caesar cocktail. Walter's story began with a love for Caesars but a dislike for the artificial ingredients commonly found in Caesar mixes. Determined to create a better alternative, he developed Walter, a brand that focuses on using honest, all-natural ingredients and nothing artificial. Walter Chell's legacy as the inventor of the Caesar cocktail inspired the brand's name and commitment to creating the best Caesar products for Canadians.

What sets Walter apart is its dedication to using real, all-natural ingredients in their Caesar mixes. Unlike many other Caesar mixes that rely on artificial additives, Walter is pre-seasoned with ingredients like real grated horseradish, select spices, Worcestershire sauce, and hot sauce. This attention to using natural flavors and avoiding artificial additives gives Walter a distinctive taste and quality that stands out in the market.

Walter offers a good variety of Caesar mixes, including Classic Spice, Mild Spice, Vegan, and Smoky Maple flavors. The Classic Spice mix is the original and packs a bit of a kick, perfect for those who enjoy a spicier Caesar. The Mild Spice offers bold flavor but with a toned-down spice level, ideal for those who prefer a milder taste or want a base to add their preferred spices and extras. The Vegan variant maintains the spice and seasoning levels of the Classic Spice mix but does not include clam juice. Lastly, the Smoky Maple flavor adds a unique twist with its smoky and maple notes, providing a distinct and delicious option for Caesar enthusiasts.

The brand's mission is to make the best Caesar products for Canadians from coast-to-coast. They achieve this by using honest, all-natural ingredients and avoiding anything artificial. By choosing Walter, consumers can enjoy a Caesar mix that delivers bold flavors and a high-quality taste experience. The brand's commitment to authenticity and using real ingredients provides a compelling reason to choose Walter over other Caesar mixes on the market.

Walter Caesar mixes can be enjoyed in various settings and mixed with different spirits. Traditionally, vodka is used for the classic Caesar, but the brand encourages experimentation with other spirits like tequila, gin, and even red wine. Walter can be used as a ready-to-serve mix by adding the preferred spirit and garnishments, or it can be enjoyed without alcohol. The versatility of Walter allows for creativity in crafting personalized Caesar cocktails tailored to individual preferences.

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