The Japanese Bitters

Who is The Japanese Bitters?

The founder of The Japanese Bitters is an experienced bartender with international exposure who has dedicated himself to creating a unique product that reflects Japan's rich culinary heritage. He has been joined by other talented individuals, such as noted Japanese calligrapher and painter Sando Sagara, who designed the ethereal illustrations for the packaging.

The Japanese Bitters, Japan's first domestically produced bitters company, was founded by a veteran bartender who left Japan in 2003 to work in London and Toronto. During his time abroad, he developed a batch of homemade bitters. After studying distillation knowledge at the historic Herman Jansen Distillery in the Netherlands in 2015, he returned to Japan and obtained a distilling license with the help of the Hombo Mars Distillery in Nagano. Today, his small-batch bitters are produced at a facility in Tokyo's Chiba prefecture.

The best sellers and potential next big thing for The Japanese Bitters are their unique flavors that capture the essence of Japanese cuisine. These include the mint-like shiso bitters, the floral and sour yuzu bitters, and the umami bitters that incorporate dried kelp, bonito, and shiitake mushrooms. Upcoming flavors include Hinoki, a traditional Japanese lumber, and Sakura, the Japanese cherry blossom.

The brand's vision and mission are to introduce fundamental Japanese ingredients and flavors to global cocktail cultures while maintaining a 100% Japanese product. What sets The Japanese Bitters apart is its focus on Japan's foundational flavors, such as shiso, yuzu, umami, Hinoki, and Sakura, as well as its meticulous production process, which ensures consistent quality from batch to batch.

The Japanese Bitters is especially proud that its products are used in prestigious bars in Tokyo like Bar High Five, Ben Fiddich, and Gen Yamamoto. These establishments are known for their quality and innovation, and their use of The Japanese Bitters is a testament to the brand's unique flavors and craftsmanship.