Who is Spiegelau?

Spiegelau is a brand that has been in existence for over five centuries, making it one of the oldest glassware manufacturers. The exact creator of the brand is not mentioned in the provided information. The brand's story revolves around its expertise and experience in producing high-quality glassware. Over the years, Spiegelau has honed its craftsmanship and combined it with a spirit of innovation to meet the demands of the international hospitality industry.

What sets Spiegelau apart is its combination of tradition, innovation, and market knowledge. The brand optimizes its glass products for functionality and aesthetics, employing cutting-edge industrial processes to ensure durability, availability, and attractive pricing. The focus on meeting the demands of the discerning hospitality industry makes Spiegelau stand out as a supplier that understands the importance of customer satisfaction and business success.

The brand offers a broad range of premium glasses optimized for functionality and aesthetics. Each glass is crafted with the highest standards of quality, taking into consideration the specific needs of different beverages. Whether it's wine glasses, champagne flutes, beer glasses, or cocktail glasses, Spiegelau ensures that their products elevate the drinking experience.

Spiegelau's glassware is special due to its attention to detail, quality materials, and functionality. The brand's glasses are made of lead-free crystal glass, which not only enhances their brilliance but also makes them more durable, dishwasher safe, and break-resistant. The specific glass shapes and high-quality glass surface contribute to enhancing the aromas and taste of beverages. Spiegelau's commitment to continuous improvement, energy efficiency, and sustainability further adds to its unique appeal.

Spiegelau glassware can be used for a variety of beverages, including wine, champagne, beer, and cocktails. The brand's glasses are designed to enhance the aromas, colors, and tastes of the beverages they hold.
You can find that brand in Quebec in places like Wildcraft Grill & Long Bar, Datcha and others