Silver Swallow

Who is Silver Swallow ?

The brand was created by Genna Woolston and Andrew Roberts. Genna, a mental health advocate, wanted to reduce her alcohol consumption for improved well-being. Andrew, a food scientist with a background in tea blending, collaborated with Genna to create non-alcoholic wine alternatives. Their goal was to offer premium, better-for-you beverages that embodied the essence of wine, using high-quality ingredients and a celebratory design.

Silver Swallow stands out by offering non-alcoholic beverages that provide a sophisticated and enjoyable experience similar to wine. The brand combines the expertise of a food scientist with a passion for mental health advocacy, creating a unique approach to crafting beverages. The use of premium teas and the fermented notes of kombucha add layers of flavor and complexity to their drinks, making them a standout choice for those seeking a sparkling, alcohol-free option.

Silver Swallow offers a variety of products, including their Luxury Kombucha Rosé. This non-alcoholic Rosé is made with kamairicha tea from Kyushu Island, Japan, providing notes of strawberry, brioche, matcha, and chestnuts. It offers a creamy and fruity taste, making it an excellent choice for pairing with seared salmon, citrus salads, red berries, and pastries with cream and nuts. The Rosé is designed to create fun and romantic moments, suitable for occasions like outdoor dining, poolside gatherings, girls' getaways, drag nights, or intimate settings.

Choosing Silver Swallow means embracing a lifestyle of enjoying special moments with less alcohol. The brand offers a range of luxury kombuchas and wine alternatives that provide a rich and refreshing taste experience. By opting for Silver Swallow, individuals can savor the flavors of a non-alcoholic Rosé or other offerings while feeling good about their choices and supporting a brand that promotes mental health and well-being.

Silver Swallow beverages are designed for individuals who want to reduce their alcohol consumption while still enjoying sophisticated and flavorful drinks. They are suitable for those seeking a non-alcoholic option that offers a unique taste experience and contributes to special moments. The Luxury Kombucha Rosé, for example, can be enjoyed by anyone looking for a fun and romantic beverage to accompany various occasions. Simply keep it refrigerated, pour into a glass, and savor the rich and refreshing flavors of the Rosé.

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