Roxy and Rich

Who is Roxy and Rich?

Roxy & Rich was created by Roxane and Richard, who combined their passion for sweets, colours, and culinary creativity to establish the brand. Roxane's childhood experience of making candy with her mother and experimenting with colours sparked the idea, while Richard's culinary background contributed to their vision. Together, they founded Roxy & Rich, focusing on developing high-quality coloured chocolates and expanding their range of food colouring products.

What sets Roxy & Rich apart is its dedication to innovation and staying current with baking trends. The brand continuously researches and develops new products that reflect the evolving needs and preferences of bakers and pastry enthusiasts. The vibrant colours, unique finishes, and exceptional performance of their 100% edible colours make Roxy & Rich a standout choice for both amateurs and professionals in the industry.

Roxy & Rich offers a diverse range of products, including their SPIRDUST® shimmering powder for alcoholic beverages. SPIRDUST® is a 100% edible food colour specially designed for cocktails, beers, wines, and other alcoholic drinks. It comes in 27 shades and three different sizes. The powder adds a beautiful shimmering effect to beverages without altering the taste, making it an ideal choice for special events, bars, restaurants, or simply enjoying a drink with friends.

Choosing Roxy & Rich means accessing a world of high-quality colours that can elevate your culinary creations to the next level. The brand's products are known for their ease of use, exceptional performance, and ability to unleash creativity. With a wide variety of vibrant colours and finishes available, Roxy & Rich empowers bakers and cake decorators to achieve stunning results while maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety.

The SPIRDUST® collection from Roxy & Rich is designed for individuals who want to add a touch of sparkle and visual appeal to their alcoholic beverages. It is suitable for both professional bartenders and enthusiasts who want to enhance their cocktails, beers, wines, or spirits. To use SPIRDUST®, simply sprinkle a few pinches directly into the drink and stir. For larger quantities, add a measured amount of SPIRDUST® per liter of liquid to create a glittering cocktail base. The versatile collection offers a range of colours and effects to suit various preferences and occasions.

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