Who is Ohishi?

The Ohishi brand of Japanese kitchen knives was created by a company called Akifusa. The brand's story is rooted in the small village of Ohishi near Mount Fuji, where their knives are made. The name "Ohishi" is also reminiscent of the phrase "Oishi!" which is used in Japan to express enjoyment of a delicious meal. The company aimed to develop a line of knives that would help people create flavorful and enjoyable meals using Ohishi knives.

What sets Ohishi apart is their commitment to quality, aesthetics, and durability. They collaborate with renowned blacksmiths in Japan to produce high-quality knives that have gained recognition in the worldwide knife market. The brand offers a broad selection of steels, knife styles, finishes, and handles, catering to diverse preferences and needs.

Ohishi offers a good variety of products, including the Ohishi SLD line. This line features knives with semi-stainless steel blades that have a stainless cladding to protect against rust while providing the sharpness and long edge life of SLD steel. The SLD line is a great option for those who want the benefits of semi-stainless steel without the full maintenance requirements. One example is the slicer (known as 'Sujiihki' in Japanese), which is a versatile tool for skinning, trimming, and portioning protein items. It is commonly used by professionals and home cooks for precise slicing of turkey breasts, roasts, and other meats.

Choosing the Ohishi brand means selecting kitchen knives that embody craftsmanship, tradition, and functionality. With the expertise of experienced blacksmiths and a focus on high aesthetics and durability, Ohishi knives offer a superior cutting experience. The range of steels, styles, and handles allows users to find knives that suit their individual preferences and culinary needs.

Ohishi knives are designed for both professional chefs and home cooks who appreciate the artistry and functionality of Japanese kitchen knives. The range of styles and handles caters to different preferences and techniques. The slicer, in particular, is designed for those seeking even slices without striations on protein items. It is a valuable tool for professionals in various culinary settings and a great option for home cooks during special occasions when precise slicing is desired. The knife should be used with proper cutting techniques and care to ensure safe and effective use.