Who is NOROI?

The brand was created by Jonathan Robin, who had a deep interest in spirits and a fascination with innovative distilleries worldwide. After a successful career in real estate, Jonathan decided to start NOROI distillery in 2018, aiming to put Quebec on the international spirits map. With his background in business administration and a passion for innovation in distillation, he became the driving force behind the distillery's establishment.

NOROI stands out due to its commitment to innovation and the production of delicate, sophisticated, and unique products. Their use of cold distillation, enabled by a custom glass reactor, preserves delicate aromas that may be lost or altered in traditional distillation methods. The brand's high-end technology laboratory allows for extensive research and development, offering a wide range of possibilities for creating never-before-seen products.

NOROI offers a good variety of products, including their "Esprit-de-London" non-alcoholic spirit. This complex spirit caters to gin enthusiasts, focusing on the aromatic profile of juniper berry without the presence of alcohol. It allows individuals to create their favorite gin-based cocktails while enjoying a non-alcoholic option. This product demonstrates the brand's dedication to providing innovative alternatives and maintaining the flavors and complexity found in traditional spirits.

The brand's mission is to provide products that reflect their passion for innovation in the spirits industry. They strive to offer a complete range of spirits with complex and delicate aromas, satisfying the most discerning connoisseurs. NOROI is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of distillation through their unique technology, resulting in sophisticated and innovative products. They also aim to make their alcohol-free products an alternative that doesn't compromise on taste.

These products are designed for individuals who appreciate sophisticated spirits and seek alternatives to alcoholic beverages. While specific bars or restaurants using NOROI products are not mentioned, their spirits can be incorporated into various cocktails, providing a unique and complex flavor profile. The brand's emphasis on innovation, quality, and complexity makes their products appealing to mixologists, home enthusiasts, and individuals who prefer alcohol-free options but still want to explore the world of spirits.