Who is Nachtmann ?

The Nachtmann brand was created by Joh. Michael Nachtmann, who founded the company in 1834. The brand's story dates back over two centuries as a Bavarian glassmaker specializing in hand and machine-made crystal glassware. In 2004, Nachtmann became the lifestyle brand of Riedel Glassworks, a family-owned business with a rich heritage of 265 years.

What sets Nachtmann apart is its commitment to bringing luxury and sparkle to everyday life. The brand aims to make every day special and transform any gathering into an occasion. With a focus on craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a passion for perfection, Nachtmann's crystal glassware is sought after by style-conscious consumers worldwide.

Nachtmann offers a good variety of products in its crystal glassware collection. One notable series is the "Highland" collection. Designed to set the stage for premium beverages, such as whisky, long drinks, and cocktails, the Highland series features clean and clear lines with a subtle yet striking cut pattern. The heavy bottoms and lavish facets of the glasses create fascinating reflections, adding a touch of elegance to the beverages.

The brand's mission is to inspire people to share precious moments by providing brilliant crystal glassware that adds a touch of luxury to everyday life. Nachtmann believes in the power of creating memorable experiences, and its glassware enables customers to elevate their dining, entertaining, and cocktail experiences.

Nachtmann's crystal glassware is designed for individuals who appreciate quality, luxury, and style in their dining and entertaining experiences. The brand's glassware is highly regarded and sought after by establishments looking to provide a touch of glamor and sophistication to their beverage service. These glasses are suitable for serving a variety of cocktails, including those made with whisky and other spirits, and they elevate the overall drinking experience.