Monsieur Cocktail

Who is Monsieur Cocktail?

The brand Monsieur Cocktail was founded by Patrice Plante in 2015 with a clear and simple mission: to create a syrup that would revolutionize the world of cocktail-making at home. Patrice, originally a restaurant critic and then a chef, developed a boundless passion for food, quality ingredients, and the art of creating delicious drinks. His fascination with cuisine and travel led him to embark on a surprising adventure in the world of cocktails. After realizing the lack of quality ingredients behind bars and in homes, he set out to democratize cocktail-making at home by creating the best cocktail syrup in the world.

Monsieur Cocktail stands out for its commitment to using real juices and sugar in their syrups, without artificial flavors or preservatives. Their focus on simplicity, natural ingredients, and genuine flavors sets them apart from mass-produced alternatives. The brand's dedication to providing a balanced cocktail experience every time, whether it's a simple sparkling water, iced tea, coffee, lemonade, or a more complex drink, is another factor that makes them unique.

Monsieur Cocktail offers a good variety of products, including their Aperitivo Spritz sans alcool. This non-alcoholic aperitivo captures the essence of a traditional Italian maceration of citrus zest and bitter roots, enhanced with sparkling water and bubbles. It combines concentrated orange juice and white grape juice with powerful extracts of gentian and mandarin, resulting in a flavor profile that closely resembles the original. It can be mixed like its alcoholic version, whether as a Spritz with white wine or, as Monsieur Cocktail's favorite, lengthened with tonic.

The mission of Monsieur Cocktail is to make cocktail-making accessible and enjoyable for everyone. By offering high-quality syrups made from real ingredients, without artificial additives, Monsieur Cocktail allows both enthusiasts and beginners to create exceptional cocktails at home. Choosing Monsieur Cocktail means choosing authenticity, flavor, and the opportunity to elevate your cocktail experience. Their syrups provide a simple and convenient way to add a touch of pleasure to various beverages, and their commitment to using natural ingredients ensures a genuine and enjoyable taste.

Monsieur Cocktail's products are used in various settings, including backyard BBQs, parties, special conversations, and family camping trips. Their syrups can be enjoyed in a wide range of venues, from casual gatherings to more formal occasions. As for usage, their products offer versatility, allowing individuals to create a variety of cocktails, mocktails, and even non-alcoholic beverages. While they don't mention a specific cocktail for their Aperitivo Spritz sans alcool, it can be used as a key ingredient in a classic Spritz or mixed with other ingredients like apple must and sparkling water to create a refreshing Britz. The possibilities for creative mixology are endless.