Mate Libre

Who is Mate Libre?

The driving force behind Maté Libre is its passionate founder, Edouard Dufour Boiteau. With a deep appreciation for the unique taste and health benefits of Yerba Maté, Edouard has dedicated himself to sharing this remarkable beverage with others.

The creation story of Maté Libre is a testament to the power of a single trip changing one's life. The brand's founder, Edouard Dufour Boiteau, experienced his first sip of Yerba Maté in Berlin, despite its South American origins. As bars and clubs in Berlin began offering Yerba Maté as an alternative to traditional alcoholic beverages, it quickly gained popularity. Edouard's introduction to Maté was through a combination of Maté and vodka. Captivated by the bubbles, the herbal flavor, and the positive vibes it provided, Edouard fell in love with the beverage, setting the stage for the birth of Maté Libre.

Maté Libre's best-selling products include Passion, Mint & Lime, and Original flavors. These innovative offerings are not only delicious but also poised to become the next big thing in the beverage industry due to their focus on health and natural ingredients.

Maté Libre's vision and mission revolve around offering a healthy product while also sharing an unconditional love for Maté. The brand aims to make it easier for consumers to find delicious and natural alternatives to traditional beverages. What sets Maté Libre apart is its commitment to health, taste, and the celebration of Yerba Maté's unique properties.

Maté Libre is proud to have its products used in a variety of bars, hotels, and restaurants, such as Pastel Rita, Le Système, Poincaré Chinatown, Fleurs & Cadeau, and La Banquise. These establishments represent the brand's commitment to offering unique, natural, and delicious alternatives to conventional drinks.

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