Le Sublime

Who is Le Sublime ?

Edouard Verhaeghe, a young 25 years old engineer in renewable energies who loves to travel, to surf, and… to drink rum, good rum! When he arrived in Montreal in 2020, he discovered that infused rum was not a known product in Quebec and it was hard, almost impossible, to find some to buy. As he wanted to have some of this fabulous drink at home, he started to create his own recipes and make his own infused rum at home, so he was able to offer a good drink to friends and family when they came to visit.

With the time, friends and friends of friends asked Edouard to prepare some recipes for them to bring at home. At this moment, he was a student at ETS school in Montreal, studying engineering and renewable energies. Making recipes for infused rum was just a hobby on the side, for his own pleasure.
As his studies arrived to an end, he had to face the following choice: find a job as an engineer or create his own company.

With the number of demand for the products growing, he decided to step up and created Le Sublime in march 2021 to be able to produce more bottles of premix for infused rum and sell them in different point of sales. This was the real beginning of a fabulous journey.

Le Sublime products are made with natural dried fruits and spices, and that’s it. The taste of the final drink is the result of infusion of the fruits and spices into the rum (or other spirit).
The time of infusion is really important for the taste of the final product. It takes minimum 4 to 6 weeks before the rum is ready to drink. Some people will be patient enough to let infuse even more longer: the longer you wait, the better is the taste! As we say, patience is a virtue.

The best sellers recipes are «L’Été Indien» and « L’éclosion», two recipes totally different but with such an amazing taste.
The next big thing? The «Small batch» recipes, a new concept that started in 2023. The idea is to create new recipes produced only in small batches, with no restock. With this concept, the proud owners of bottles from Small Batches will have rare and tasty recipes: just as rum collectors.

Le Sublime has a simple vision: bring the real natural taste of fruits and spices into the glass of people!

How is the product different from other cocktails? The concept is totally different: traditional cocktails are a mix of spirit, juices, syrups, bitters, and so on. Lot of those ingredients contains preservatives, artificial flavours, extracts, and a lot of added sugar.

The company's mission is to spread the traditional drink of the Caribbean Islands in North America, starting with Quebec.

Le Sublime sells the products in some of the most beautiful stores in Quebec, particularly in Montreal. You can find them for example at Le Fairmont Reine Elizabeth, Signé Local in the Time Out Market, Archipel, and obviously in the best store in town: Alambika.