HP Juniper

Who is HP Juniper?

The brand HP Juniper was created by Patrick Cool and Valérian Roy. These entrepreneurs, known for successfully launching Brasserie Amiral, including the world's first Gin Ale, decided to take their passion for gin to the next level. They sought to create a product that would allow people watching their alcohol intake to still enjoy a great-tasting drink and the pleasure of raising a glass. HP Juniper became the first-ever non-alcoholic spirit made with a blend of aromatics, offering an authentic gin experience to Quebecer gin connoisseurs.

HP Juniper stands out for being the first non-alcoholic spirit in Quebec, specifically crafted to cater to individuals who prefer non-alcoholic options but still desire the taste and experience of gin. By distilling HP Juniper with traditional copper stills and using the same botanicals and aromatics found in regular gin, the brand aims to replicate the flavors and mouthfeel of traditional gin while remaining alcohol-free. This unique offering sets HP Juniper apart in the market.

HP Juniper offers a variety of products, including ready-to-drink cans in two flavors: Classic and Floral. The Classic flavor derives its taste from a blend of fruity aromatics with notes of juniper berries and citrus zest, providing a familiar gin profile. The Floral flavor offers a natural blend of floral botanical aromatics, featuring notes of roses, violets, and cucumbers. Both options are low in sugar and cater to those seeking non-alcoholic alternatives while still providing an authentic and enjoyable drinking experience reminiscent of traditional gin.

The brand's mission is to provide a high-quality, non-alcoholic alternative for individuals who choose not to consume alcohol but still want to partake in the ritual of enjoying a drink. HP Juniper aims to offer a Quebec-made option for those who desire a non-alcoholic gin experience, allowing them to raise a glass, celebrate, and enjoy the taste of a great-tasting drink without the alcohol content.

HP Juniper products are designed for individuals who are looking for non-alcoholic alternatives to traditional spirits. While specific bars or restaurants using HP Juniper are not mentioned in the provided information, the brand has garnered attention from other restaurateurs and grocery stores, indicating a growing interest in offering HP Juniper's non-alcoholic ready-to-drink products to their customers. These products can be used to create a variety of cocktails or enjoyed on their own as a refreshing non-alcoholic beverage.