Dillon's Distillery

Who is Dillon's Distillery?

The brand was created by a group of passionate individuals who started their journey in 2012 with a dream to make the best possible spirits while maintaining honesty at every step. They take pride in handcrafting their products using copper stills and fresh local ingredients without artificial flavors or colors. Based in the Niagara peninsula in Canada, they prioritize using the best produce and building relationships with the growers of their ingredients. Their commitment to craftsmanship and honesty sets the foundation for Dillon's brand.

Dillon's stands out for its dedication to honesty, craftsmanship, and quality. They focus on creating bitters that are spirit-and-ingredient forward, allowing the flavors and qualities of the ingredients to shine. By using fresh local ingredients, copper stills, and avoiding artificial additives, they aim to produce enjoyable spirits and bitters with unparalleled quality. Their emphasis on simplicity, coupled with their commitment to the craft, contributes to the unique character of Dillon's brand.

Dillon's offers a good variety of products, including their Aromatic Bitters. These bitters are described as a hard-working multi-purpose option, with an aroma of cherries and overtones of vanilla, cloves, allspice, and cassia. They provide a complex blend of flavors and scents that can enhance and balance the sweetness of cocktails. The Aromatic Bitters exemplify Dillon's dedication to creating quality products that add depth and complexity to cocktails.

The brand's mission is to make new enjoyable spirits from old ideas while maintaining honesty and quality. They strive to craft spirits that showcase the natural flavors of the ingredients and offer a distinct taste experience. Dillon's is committed to using the best ingredients and building relationships with the growers to ensure the quality of their products. Through their craftsmanship and dedication, they aim to create honest spirits that are appreciated by spirit enthusiasts and those who appreciate well-crafted cocktails.

Dillon's products are designed for individuals who appreciate handcrafted spirits and cocktails. Their commitment to using fresh local ingredients and avoiding artificial additives makes their products appealing to those who prioritize quality and natural flavors. Their spirits and bitters can be used by mixologists and home enthusiasts alike to elevate the taste and complexity of a variety of cocktails. The brand's focus on craftsmanship and honest flavors makes their products versatile and suitable for a range of cocktail creations.

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