Who is Tomr's Tonic ?

Tom Richter, the founder and chief formulist of Tomr's Tonic, created the brand. Tom's background as a Broadway actor led him to bartending gigs, where he discovered a passion for creating exceptional drinks. Frustrated by the overpowering flavors of traditional tonic water, he began experimenting with recipes until he developed his formula in 2007. The positive reception from customers at the bar he worked at led to bartenders and bar managers seeking out Tom's unique tonic, and thus, Tomr's Tonic was born.

What sets Tomr's Tonic apart is its commitment to using all-natural ingredients and its focus on authenticity. The tonic concentrate is made with high-quality ingredients like cinchona bark, which is the original source of quinine, giving it an authentic rust color and distinctive flavor. Unlike mass-produced tonics, Tomr's Tonic provides a complex and balanced taste that intensifies and enhances the flavors of spirits. The brand's dedication to craftsmanship and delivering a superior drinking experience makes it stand out in the market.

Tomr's Tonic offers an all-natural tonic concentrate that can be mixed with club soda and your favorite spirit to create a delicious tonic drink. The concentrate is carefully crafted using ingredients like cinchona bark, which gives it a distinctive flavor and authentic rust color. It is recommended to try it with gin, but it can also be paired with tequila, rum, or vodka. This versatility allows for experimentation and the creation of unique and flavorful cocktails.

The mission of Tomr's Tonic is to provide an exceptional tonic experience by offering a high-quality, all-natural tonic concentrate. By using authentic ingredients and avoiding artificial additives, Tomr's Tonic aims to elevate the flavors of cocktails and provide a more enjoyable drinking experience. Choosing Tomr's Tonic means choosing a product crafted with care and attention to detail, enhancing the taste of your preferred spirit and creating a truly memorable beverage.

Tomr's Tonic has gained recognition and popularity among bartenders and bar managers who value its unique flavor profile and all-natural ingredients. The product can be used by mixing the tonic concentrate with club soda and the preferred spirit of choice, creating a refreshing and flavorful tonic drink. Tomr's Tonic is versatile and can be used to enhance the taste of classic cocktails like the gin and tonic, as well as innovative creations.

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