Sombre & Amer

Who is Sombre & Amer ?

Sombre & Amer was created by a team of druids located in Montreal, Canada. The brand's story revolves around their passion for crafting bitters and potions inspired by the traditions of apothecaries, herbalists, and bon vivants of the past. Drawing on these traditions, they meticulously create recipes using herbal tinctures, spices, and natural ingredients, staying true to their artisanal roots.

The brand stands out due to its focus on hand-crafted products that enhance beverages with flavor, complexity, and richness. The brand's commitment to using only natural ingredients and avoiding artificial flavorings sets it apart in the market. The flavors and aromas infused in their bitters and potions, such as the Nordic forest-inspired Arbor bitters, provide a unique and exceptional touch to cocktails and spirits.

It offers a range of bitters and potions, each designed to enhance specific flavors and create unique drinking experiences. One notable product is their Arbor bitters, which transports you to a Nordic forest with its warm and soothing aromas of coniferous trees and wild roots. Ideal for cold weather, these bitters can also be paired with gin and clear spirits to infuse a touch of exceptional forest flavor into cocktails.

The brand's mission is to complement beverages by offering high-quality bitters and potions that bring depth and character to drinks. They aim to revive the traditions of the past and celebrate the art of mixology. Sombre & Amer strives to create products that not only enhance the drinking experience but also pay homage to the heritage of apothecaries and herbalists through their handcrafted approach and use of natural ingredients.

These bitters can be found in places like Maison du Pêcheur, Epicerie Prette, Parq Vancouver, Barranco, Restaurant Pastel and many other restaurants across Canada.