Ms Better's Bitters

Who is Ms Better's Bitters?

Ms Better's Bitters is one of the most creative, forward seeing and useful bitters company around. Founded in Canada by a daughter (Sam) living in Montreal and a father (Phil) residing on the West Coast.

Two seasoned bartenders, Tarquin and Dylan have been long time frinds, consultant and partners in the project, testing cocktails, representing the brand and working on new ideas.

You can often see Sam from Ms Better in industry events like SIAL Canada or Imbibe in London. Actually, the whole Ms Better line up has been increasingy popular in England's bars.

"Always clean, strong and straightforard flavours"

The products by Ms Better are always clean, strong and straight forward flavours. Usually, a few drops go a long way as they are among the most potent. Their Aromatic Bitters is an all time favourite and real contender to displace Angostura Bitters in a bar.

Ms Better's Bitters have been a long time sponsor of Made With Booze and other cocktail initiative across Canada.

Their best known product though is the Ms Better's Bitters Magic Vegan Foamer. This shelf stable tincture allows a crafty bartender to turn a cocktail into a foamy treat with only 7-8 drops and a good shake. This product has taken the bartending world by storm and is an incredibly popular addition. A great tip is to add 0.5 to 1oz of water to the cocktail to activate the foamer efficiently.

Their Aromatic Bitters by Ms Better's Bitters is like Angostura Bitters on rocket fuel! The blend of spices is incredibly potent and is espescially suited to match rum but is a great all around.

Ms Better's Bitters Orange bitters is an interesting one: most brands go for the juice and zest, but they instead chose orange flower and rind. This brings an exotic Middle Eastern vibe this classic bitters flavour.

Kiwi-Sumac is a reddish tangy bitter, which is actually not bitter at all. It's power of balancing out sweetness comes from the tart feeling from Quebec's sumac used in the recipe.

Another crowd's favourite is the Black Pepper and Cardamom Ms Better's Bitters. A perfect go-to Negroni and Manhattan complement.

Among the latest creations, Madeira Coffee and Banana & Bergamot are already instant classics.

Ms Better's Bitters and Alambika started cooperating in 2016. Jean-Sébastien has been highly impressed by the presentation Sam did of her collection. Each and every description Sam said out loud brought vivid images.

This was espescially entertaining because at the time, there were many companies starting making bitters and not all of them, mostly from the USA, were suitable for the local market and taste at the time.

The whole line up of Ms Better Bitters felt like a serie of homerun after homerun.

Since that time, Ms Better Bitters became a really close partner brand. The foamer has made it's way into Quebec and Canada's bartenders heart and speedrails. The bitters also were used in collaborations for pre-assembled cocktails with high standing distilleries like Glenmorangie, Cirka, Hennessy and others.

It would be difficult to list all the great bars using Ms Better Bitters, but we will give you a fair sample.

Time Out Market, Atwater Cocktail Club, Le 132 Bar Vintage, Cloakroom, Cold Room, Fairmount Reine Elizabeth, and so many others across Canada. In Italy, England and the USA, major cities also harbor bars making extensive use of Ms Better Bitters.