Mister Bitters

Who is Mister Bitters?

The brand Mister Bitters was created in 2014 by a collaboration between bartenders and local booze enthusiasts in Australia. They were inspired by their desire to create unique flavor combinations for their own cocktails, as well as to share them with other drink-makers and enthusiasts. Tired of collecting and combining existing bitters products, they founded Australia's first bitters company with the goal of producing high-quality bitters using local Australian ingredients.

Mister Bitters stands out for its commitment to creating flavor-forward and handcrafted bitters. They peel, prepare, infuse, press, blend, filter, batch, and bottle all their products by hand, ensuring the highest quality. By championing local Australian ingredients and supporting local hospitality venues, they emphasize their ethos of supporting the community. Their dedication to unique and delicious flavor combinations sets them apart in the bitters market.

Mister Bitters offers a good variety of products, including their Negroni Bitters. This flavor-forward blend combines orange and lemon peels with chamomile, star anise, and other classic gin botanicals, resulting in a complex and full-bodied bitters. While designed specifically to enhance Negronis, it can also be used in other gin, rye, or sherry cocktails to provide a herbal and citrusy kick. The Negroni Bitters exemplify the brand's commitment to creating unique and versatile flavor profiles.

The brand's mission is to elevate flavors, delight the senses, and leave a lasting impression through their bitters. They aim to produce the highest quality bitters using local Australian ingredients and meticulous handcrafting techniques. By continuously seeking to improve and create unique flavors, they cater to the discerning palates of cocktail enthusiasts and professionals alike, providing them with exceptional ingredients to enhance their creations.

Mister Bitters' products are designed for cocktail enthusiasts, bartenders, and drink-makers who appreciate the importance of bitters in elevating cocktail flavors. Their handcrafted bitters are likely to be favored by establishments and mixologists who prioritize quality ingredients and innovative flavors. Their bitters can be used in a variety of cocktails, including classics like Negronis, as well as other gin, rye, or sherry-based drinks that benefit from the added complexity and citrus-spice notes of the bitters.