Miracle Mile

Who is Miracle Mile?

The brand Miracle Mile Bitters was created by Louis Anderman, a scientist and cocktail enthusiast based in Los Angeles. It started as a hobby, with Louis concocting bitters recipes in his kitchen. Over time, Miracle Mile Bitters grew into a leading maker of small-batch, handcrafted cocktail bitters, specializing in recreating classic formulas and developing unique limited-edition recipes.

What sets Miracle Mile Bitters apart is their serious approach to crafting bitters with grown-up flavors. They pay attention to detail and use high-quality ingredients to create exceptional flavor profiles. Their dedication to recreating classic formulas and their ability to develop innovative recipes contribute to their reputation as leaders in the West Coast bitters revolution.

Miracle Mile Bitters offers a good variety of products with different flavor profiles. One notable product is the Castilian Bitters, based on a 19th-century recipe. These bitters feature flavors of liquorice, dandelion root, gentian, cardamom, and other spices. They are specifically designed to work well in Tequila and mezcal-based drinks, adding a creamy and rich sweetness with a hint of caramelized demerara sugar.

Choosing Miracle Mile Bitters means choosing high-quality, handcrafted cocktail bitters that can elevate your cocktails and mixed drinks to the next level. Their range of bitters offers a diverse selection of flavors, allowing you to experiment and enhance the taste of your favorite beverages. The brand's commitment to quality and craftsmanship ensures that you are getting a product that has been meticulously crafted with care and passion.

Miracle Mile Bitters are designed for cocktail enthusiasts, bartenders, and mixologists who seek to elevate their drink creations. The bitters can be used to enhance the flavors and aromas of various cocktails and mixed drinks. Each bitters variety offers a unique taste profile, allowing for experimentation and customization. The Castilian Bitters, for example, can be added to Tequila or mezcal-based drinks to impart a complex and flavorful twist. The brand's versatile range caters to those who appreciate the art of mixology and want to elevate their drink experiences.