Filthy Food

Who is Filthy Food?

Inspired by their love for cocktails, Filthy's founder, Daniel, embarked on a mission to revolutionize the garnish game. Dissatisfied with subpar, chemically treated olives and cherries, he teamed up with his brother Marc to seek out a premium alternative. Over two years, they scoured through countless olive and cherry varieties, determined to discover the perfect garnish. Starting their business from humble beginnings, with car trunks and subway rides, they garnered the support of bartenders who recommended Filthy to others. Today, Filthy garnishes grace the finest bars, restaurants, and hotels globally.

Filthy takes pride in their approach to olives, cherries, and mixers, focusing on natural flavors and quality ingredients. Unlike chemically cured olives, Filthy olives undergo natural fermentation, preserving their rich and nutty taste without the need for excessive salt and oil. Their all-natural Amarena cherries are carefully slow-cooked in copper pots, resulting in a distinctively rich and complex flavor. Filthy's handpicked Maraschino cherries are sourced from real cherry trees, avoiding the use of chemicals that can compromise their quality. Filthy mixers stand apart from other brands with their commitment to sustainability and premium ingredients, such as real tomatoes in their Bloody Mary mix and organic blue agave nectar in their Margarita Mix. No shortcuts or subpar ingredients—just exceptional taste.

Creamy Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives, which feature naturally cured queen olives generously filled with genuine, velvety Wisconsin blue cheese. These olives make for a perfect garnish to elevate your Martinis and Bloody Marys, adding a delightful creamy and savory twist to your favorite cocktails.

Their entire product line is non-alcoholic. The Filthy Olive Brine, for instance, contains a minute quantity of Dry Vermouth to enhance the flavors. However, the amount is so negligible that it is still classified as a non-alcoholic item.

You can find Filthy products on Delta Airlines, Marriot hotels, Safeway and others