Dr Adam's

Who is Dr Adam's?

The brand was created by Dr. Adam Elmegirab, and its story revolves around a modern reinterpretation of bitters while paying homage to their historical usage. The brand takes inspiration from the Greek goddess Aphrodite, representing love and sexuality, and creates bitters infused with botanicals believed to have aphrodisiac qualities.

What makes the brand stand out is its innovative approach to bitters. The House of Botanicals combines a modern understanding of flavor with the historical significance of bitters. They focus on creating complex profiles that are as intricate as they are versatile, using carefully selected botanicals to enhance and play off each other.

The House of Botanicals offers a variety of products, including their Aphrodite Bitters, which embody their brand philosophy. These bitters feature flavors of cacao, coffee, and ginger, creating a rich and nuanced profile. They are designed to add depth and complexity to cocktails, particularly those made with darker spirits like aged rums, bourbon, and whiskey.

Choosing this brand is a great option if you appreciate the historical and cultural aspects of bitters while seeking innovative flavor combinations. The House of Botanicals takes pride in their fair-trade ethos and commitment to working with natural botanicals, sourcing directly from farmers and growers whenever possible. Their dedication to sustainable practices and ethical sourcing adds value to their brand.

The House of Botanicals' products are designed for cocktail enthusiasts, mixologists, and individuals who appreciate unique and high-quality ingredients in their drinks. The Aphrodite Bitters, for example, can be used in various cocktails like Old Fashioned Bitter Housewife, Brazelton, Champagne Cocktail, and more. They are meant to elevate the flavors of cocktails and provide an enjoyable and sensory experience.

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