Who is Dashfire?

Dashfire was created by Lee Egbert, who started the brand in 2013. It is a family business run by Lee and Dawn Egbert. What began with bitters has expanded to include cocktails, spirits, and coffees. Lee's passion for flavors and spices from different cultures, nurtured through extensive travel experiences, serves as the inspiration behind Dashfire's products. Lee's curiosity, combined with Dawn's operational and financial expertise, drives the brand forward.

Dashfire stands out due to its commitment to flavor innovation and cultural experiences. The brand draws inspiration from Lee's travels, incorporating unique tastes and cultural influences into their bitters, cocktails, and coffees. This focus on exploration and nuance allows Dashfire to offer a wide range of flavors, providing customers with the opportunity to elevate their drink experiences.

Dashfire offers a good variety of products, including their signature Dashfire Vintage Orange Bitters. These bitters are Minnesota's first barrel-aged bitters, crafted by combining fresh orange rind, quality bourbon, select spices, and aging them in a Minnesota-made white oak barrel. The result is a rich and complex flavor profile that complements classic cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Manhattans, adding depth and character.

The brand's mission is to create the very best bitters, cocktails, coffees, and spirits while encouraging customers to find their passion and happiness. Dashfire aims to deliver high-quality products that showcase the diversity of flavors and spices from around the world. They strive to constantly improve as both a producer and employer, fostering a dedicated team that shares their commitment to excellence.

Dashfire's products are designed for cocktail enthusiasts, bartenders, and anyone seeking to elevate their drink experiences. The brand's diverse range of bitters and other drink-related products cater to individuals who appreciate the nuances of flavors and the art of mixology. Their products can be found across the United States and internationally. These versatile bitters can be used in various cocktails, adding unique dimensions and enhancing the overall taste profile.