Bittered Sling

Who is Bittered Sling?

Bittered Sling Bitters was created by Lauren Mote, an award-winning bartender and sommelier, along with celebrated chef Jonathan Chovancek. With over 40 years of combined experience, they launched the Bittered Sling line in 2012. The brand's story revolves around their passion for creating exceptional cocktail bitters and culinary extracts using high-quality ingredients.

Bittered Sling stands out due to its commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. The brand has gained recognition in the international cocktail and culinary community for its premium, high-quality bitters. They celebrate stories of travel and terroir, utilizing the finest ingredients sourced from domestic and international purveyors. The brand's dedication to small-batch production, handmade processes, and their unique flavor combinations make them stand out in the bitters category.

Bittered Sling offers a good variety of products, with 12 expressions divided into two portfolios: 6 global flavors and 6 creative flavors. One notable product is the Kensington Dry Aromatic, inspired by Toronto's historic Kensington Market. This versatile blend of classic, dry aromatic bitters and intense herbal, spice, citrus, and root flavors can be used in a wide range of classic and contemporary cocktails. It adds a unique twist to mixology and complements oak-matured spirits.

The brand's mission is to provide a sustainable, diverse, and delicious product that inspires creativity within the global drinks community. They aim to offer a range of bitters and culinary extracts that add a powerful and exciting fusion of flavors to cocktails, culinary creations, and more. Bittered Sling differentiates itself through its attention to detail, using Fairtrade suppliers, whole botanicals, and a commitment to natural ingredients.

If you want to try it out, you can find these bitters in Gypsy bar et cafe (Montreal), Cafe Gentile Westmount and others.

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