Who is Harrington?

The Rocheleau-Rivest family, entrepreneurs and nature enthusiasts, founded the brand in Harrington, located in the Laurentians. Their deep connection to nature led them to establish their company on their extensive property, using the boreal forest's botanical riches as inspiration. Their aim is to offer sugar-free products with botanical extracts that cater to health-conscious consumers while promoting the natural treasures of the Laurentian region.

The brand stands out by blending nature, health consciousness, and local flavors. The Rocheleau-Rivest family's commitment to sustainable practices and their deep understanding of the boreal forest's offerings set them apart. Their products, inspired by the Laurentian flora, are crafted with simplicity, featuring only two natural ingredients – spring water and botanical extracts. This minimalistic approach and connection to nature create a unique selling point.

The brand offers a variety of products with different botanical flavors. One of their offerings is the "Thé des bois" flavor, inspired by the Laurentian forest. It has been described as having notes of pink peppermint, a menthol-like taste, and even subtle sweet undertones. This flavor reflects the brand's commitment to capturing the essence of the boreal forest in a refreshing and sugar-free beverage.

Choosing this brand means embracing a natural and health-focused lifestyle while enjoying the tastes of the Laurentians. The brand's dedication to quality, minimalistic ingredients, and local sourcing ensures a genuine and eco-friendly experience. For those seeking sugar-free alternatives with a touch of botanical uniqueness, this brand offers a wholesome choice.

These products are designed for health-conscious individuals who appreciate nature's offerings. They cater to those seeking sugar-free, sodium-free, and natural options. The drinks are suitable for all ages, even children, due to their mild flavors and natural ingredients. They can be consumed as refreshing beverages on their own, served chilled, or used as mixers for mocktails and cocktails, offering a unique and healthy twist to beverages.

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