Who is Grüvi?

Grüvi is a Canadian family run business, started by two siblings Anika and Niki Sawni. With little to no experience in the beverage industry the two were passionate about changing the narrative around how we drink. They decided to dive head first and launch Grüvi, Niki’s business background and love for sales perfectly complemented Anika’s creative thinking and her knack for marketing and brand building.

Grüvi is a line of alcohol-free social bevs so you can feel good and enjoy every moment.

“The inspiration for starting Grüvi came from something I think everyone has experienced at some point — the situations in which you don’t feel like drinking for one reason or another, but you feel pressured to have one anyway, often because we never felt like there was an alternate option available. Niki and I were bored and tired of not being able to find any interesting options when we didn’t want alcohol. We quickly realized the category was lacking innovation and a whole lot of love, and saw this amazing opportunity to create something new.
We envisioned Grüvi to be the complete opposite of what was available at the time, we wanted to breathe life and energy into the category and give consumers a better option, so they would feel excited to reach for an alc-free bev and not feel like it was a “less than” choice." - says Anika

What’s unique about Grüvi is that they offer a breadth of options. Some fan favorites include their Golden Lager which was voted best NA beer in the world, winning a Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup. Both their sparkling wines, the Rosé and Dry Secco are delicious, low calorie and come in the perfect single serve bottles.

Niki and Anika launched Grüvi in May of 2019, with the mission of trailblazing a new way to live and socialize with alcohol-free bevs that make every moment more Grüvi. Grüvi set out to be a lot more than just a beverage but a movement, a feeling, a lifestyle, and most importantly, a community. Their vision is to normalize and celebrate alcohol free choices.

Gruvi’s incredible taste, variety and accessibility, makes the pursuit of a non-alcoholic lifestyle compelling and exciting for a wide range of consumer targets. Everything they move forward with will be built upon the brand pillars of taste, variety and accessibility.

First and foremost is taste, Grüvi uses innovative technology and high quality ingredients to deliver the best tasting alcohol-free products on the market. They have won several awards including Gold Medal at the world beer cup. Grüvi’s unparalleled variety of both beers and wines means there is truly a Grüvi for everyone and for every moment, whether it’s prosecco for wedding celebrations, an ice gold Juicy IPA at the football game, or a Sangria on the beach. Lastly they believe alcohol-free should be accessible to all, by offering single serve options, and affordable prices for the highest quality, it’s the perfect bev for every day sipping.

Grüvi is proud to be a community first company. They launched their Discovery Series in 2021, which is a community collaboration of bevs– “made with and for you”. They are continuously iterating and improving their offerings with direct feedback from their customers. Just scan the QR code on the front of the can to join their Discovery Series journey.

As for bars and restaurants, Toronto’s & Montreals trendiest restaurants are carrying Grüvi like The Cloak Room, Bar Raval, Richmond Station, Mira Mira etc