Colonel Pabst

Who is Colonel Pabst?

The brand was created by Colonel Gustave Pabst, a Master Brewer, Prohibition fighter, farmer, and conservationist. Colonel Pabst's love for beer and cooking with beer was passed down through generations. The late great-grandfather of the current owners, Colonel Pabst's legacy inspired the creation of Colonel Pabst All-Malt Amber Lager Worcestershire Sauce, a rich and flavorful Worcestershire sauce made with a blend of all-natural ingredients and their family's Milwaukee Amber Lager.

What sets the brand apart is its unique combination of using an all-malt amber lager as the base for the Worcestershire sauce, along with 21 all-natural ingredients sourced from around the world. The inclusion of Indian tamarind, Grenadian ginger, Madras curry, and other flavorful ingredients creates a distinctive and robust taste profile. The brand's commitment to small-batch brewing, bottling, and aging further emphasizes their dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

This Worcestershire sauce stands out for its blend of flavors, including the rich malty notes from the amber lager. It can be used in a variety of recipes, such as pan sauces for chicken or beef, marinades, finishing sauces, or as a flavor enhancer in cocktails like the Colonel Pabst Bloody Mary.

Choosing Colonel Pabst All-Malt Amber Lager Worcestershire Sauce means selecting a brand rooted in heritage and tradition. The sauce's use of high-quality ingredients and the family's brewing expertise ensures a premium and flavorful experience. Those seeking a Worcestershire sauce that goes beyond traditional options and offers a unique twist with the inclusion of beer and exotic spices will find Colonel Pabst a compelling choice.

Colonel Pabst All-Malt Amber Lager Worcestershire Sauce is designed for individuals who appreciate bold and unique flavors in their cooking and cocktails. It can be used by home cooks, professional chefs, and anyone looking to elevate their dishes with a savory and tangy sauce. The sauce can be used in various recipes, including marinades, pan sauces, or as a condiment. The Colonel Pabst Bloody Mary recipe showcases how the sauce can be incorporated into a cocktail for added depth of flavor.