Who is Bonnecaze?

The brand is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and also has a location in Génissieux, France, catering to European customers. They specialize in meticulously handcrafting products used for drinking traditional French/Swiss absinthe and reproducing authentic Marble Bistro Tables.

What sets Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home apart is its focus on reproducing antique objects with close attention to detail. Their products are handmade and aim to recreate the experience of enjoying absinthe in the 1800s. The brand's specialization in absinthe-related products, including the popular Lady Absinthe Fountain with Wings, showcases their commitment to authenticity and historical accuracy.

Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home offers a variety of products related to absinthe drinking and antique objects. One notable product is the Lady Absinthe Fountain with Wings. This fountain is designed to recreate the experience of preparing absinthe using a traditional fountain. The fountain features a removable lid with a classic "pineapple" finial, a mouth-blown glass bowl, and four spouts. It allows for controlled dripping of ice water onto a sugar cube, releasing oils and perfuming the air. The fountain is a beautiful and functional piece that adds a touch of elegance to the absinthe-drinking experience.

Choosing Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home allows individuals or businesses to offer a unique experience to their customers. The brand's attention to detail in replicating antique objects creates a sense of nostalgia and authenticity. Whether you're a professional decorator, specialty gift shop, absinthe distillery, or bar/restaurant owner, choosing Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home allows you to provide your customers with high-quality, historically-inspired products.

The products from Bonnecaze Absinthe & Home are designed for a range of customers, including professional decorators, specialty gift shops, absinthe distilleries, liquor stores, bars, restaurants, and hotels. The Lady Absinthe Fountain with Wings, specifically, is designed for individuals who appreciate the history and artistry of absinthe preparation. It is used to pour ice water onto a sugar cube, slowly diluting absinthe while creating a visual and aromatic experience. The fountain accommodates 1 to 4 people and requires simple assembly.