Bennett Bitters

Who is Bennett Bitters?

Joseph Bennett and Yana Crow are the founders of Bennett Bitters. They draw inspiration from various sources, including alchemy, herbalism, art, and more, to create their handcrafted bitters blends. Joseph focuses on handling calls, emails, and supplier relationships, ensuring that sustainability ethics align with their wild-harvested ingredients. Yana heads the creative department, researching and developing new bitters blends. They are passionate about capturing memories and specific experiences through scent and taste. The brand's process involves tincture making, steeping herbs in alcohol to extract their aromatics and create long-lasting flavors. They value the importance of moon cycles in their alchemical practices, such as marrying herbs under the full moon.

What sets Bennett Bitters apart is their meticulous approach to hand-blending the finest organic and wild harvested herbs with organic gluten-free spirit in small batches. The use of unique, rare, and exotic botanicals, combined with the process of marrying flavors under the light of the full moon, adds an element of mystique and craftsmanship to their bitters.

Bennett Bitters offers a variety of products, including their Exorcism Bitters. Inspired by medieval exorcism rituals, these organic and hand-crafted cocktail bitters have a unique and complex aromatic profile, featuring molasses, stone fruit, and a peppery kick. They are recommended for cocktails like Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Sours, Negronis, and Sangrias. The bitters can also be used in non-alcoholic beverages, baked goods, soups, and sauces, adding warm, dark, and sensual notes.

The brand's mission is to offer a sensory experience that transports and time travels through taste. They draw inspiration from fantasies, sensory experiences, and the five senses to guide their flavor decisions. Bennett Bitters also aligns with the conscious culinary movement, emphasizing mindful practices that honor all life on earth and promote a harmonious relationship between the planet and human lives.

You can find Bennett Bitters all across Quebec including Hotel Rialto, Bar Bootlegger L'Authentique inc. and others

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