Amargo Chuncho

Who is Amargo Chuncho?

Amargo Chuncho is a traditional bitters product from Peru, and it is traditionally used to make a Pisco Sour cocktail.

What makes it stand out is its historical significance as the original Peruvian bitters for an authentic Pisco Sour. The bitters are named after the ethnic group of Amazon Indians, known as the Chuncho, who resisted the Spanish Conquistadors. They are made using a complex combination of over 30 natural flavors sourced from the Peruvian forest, including unique ingredients such as Quina and Sarrapia leaves.

The bitter offers a potent blend of over 30 natural flavors sourced from the Peruvian forests. These bitters are not only essential for a Pisco Sour but also versatile and can be used in various bourbon, whiskey, and tequila cocktails.

The Amargo Chuncho bitters are highly regarded by bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts, with their unique blend of flavors including cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, floral notes, cherry, and cola. They have received praise and recognition from various experts in the industry for their essential role in creating a true Pisco Sour.

Amargo Chuncho bitters are designed for cocktail enthusiasts, bartenders, and anyone looking to create authentic Peruvian cocktails, particularly the Pisco Sour. They can be used as a key ingredient in cocktails to enhance flavors and bring the ingredients together. The bitters have a rich, sweet start with a bitter finish and warm spice notes, adding complexity and depth to the cocktails they are used in.

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