Who is Alambika?

The company's founder, Jean-Sébastien Michel, is not only the driving force behind the company but also a passionate enthusiast of all the products we offer. His unwavering dedication and enthusiasm have been instrumental in shaping our company into what it is today. Over the course of more than a decade, our company has been fortunate to collaborate with skilled professionals and aspiring young talents. Alambika extends beyond our staff; it encompasses bartenders, sommeliers, wine agents, brand ambassadors, distillery owners, and industry adventurers who play a vital role in sustaining our enterprise. They serve as our valued advisors, collaborators, and friends, breathing life into our business.

Jean-Sébastien Michel is driven by a relentless personal mission to seek out exceptional producers with whom he can forge partnerships, resulting in the creation of unique, high-quality products that cater to the needs of the bar industry, all while bypassing intermediaries. With an extensive background in cocktail ingredients, barware, and glassware, Alambika boasts a wealth of experience and a vast network of connections within the industry. This enables us to engage in fruitful collaborations with other producers and artists, culminating in the development of valuable and innovative products. Furthermore, our comprehensive operations encompass logistical expertise and warehousing capabilities, ensuring that every product is meticulously cared for from its inception to the moment it graces your shelf.

We take great pride in our line of glassware and barware, which holds a special personal touch. Jean-Sébastien, being deeply involved in the Quebec bar and restaurant industry, has had the pleasure of meeting numerous talented individuals. As a tribute to their skills and contributions, we have implemented a unique naming tradition.

Our custom glassware is exclusively named after remarkable female bartenders from our local scene. Names such as Claudia, Frédérique, and Daphnée grace our glassware collection, each representing a talented individual you can personally meet in Montreal. It is our way of honoring and acknowledging the hardworking and influential women in the industry.

In contrast, our barware is named after notable men, further highlighting the diverse talents that shape the bar scene. This tradition serves as a reminder of the important contributions made by both men and women in the field, fostering a sense of appreciation and recognition for all their hard work.

The process of selecting and creating products in collaboration with our partners at Alambika is a meticulous journey that we embark on. It begins by carefully choosing producers whose work aligns with our vision and commitment to quality. We delve into their production methods and standards to ensure they meet our criteria. If an opportunity arises, we propose a collaboration to jointly develop something exceptional.

Once the decision is made, we proceed with the design phase, where every technical detail is thoroughly discussed. We then place a small test order to evaluate the product firsthand. When the shipment arrives at Alambika, the entire team eagerly engages with the new product, subjecting it to rigorous testing, even pushing its limits to assess durability. Should any adjustments or improvements be necessary, we diligently work towards perfecting it before considering its release.

Only when we are completely satisfied with the outcome, do Alambika-branded products proudly find their place in our store. Our commitment to excellence and the joy of seeing our vision come to life drive us throughout this rewarding process.

We take great pride in the widespread presence of Alambika-branded products both in Canada and abroad. Renowned hotel chains, bars, and restaurants, such as Ritz, Intercontinental, Four Seasons, Milky Way, The Cloak Room, and Coldroom, regularly collaborate with us. Additionally, prominent alcohol brands, including Luxardo, Glenmorangie, Hennessy, and Madame Clicquot, rely on our expertise and barware when launching their new products.

By choosing Alambika, you gain access to the very tools and products that professionals trust and utilize in their work. We are honored to be the go-to choice for industry experts, and we bring their tried-and-true standards to your establishment or personal collection.