The Alambika Team

Jean-Sébastien Michel


Founder and CEO of Alambika, Jean-Sébastien is a beverage enhusiast since day one. Some of his responsibilities are making important business decisions, overseeing the company's overall operations and resources, and serving as the primary channel of contact for all divisions 


Vesta Zvezdochkina

Director of IT and Analytics



Vesta makes sure the company relies on accurate data and analytics in its decision-making. She is responsible for software integration, automations and process optimisation along with Alambika's online presence.

Edouard Verhaeghe 

Store Manager

As manager of the Alambika Store at 6484 Saint-Laurent boul., Montreal, Edouard is accountable for controlling the store's daily operations and ensuring that they are efficient. He is also responsible for training new hires, promoting optimal customer service, and providing customers with an impeccable in-store experience.

Valentine Didier-Pernet 

B2B Internal Sales Advisor & Customer Experience Manager

As customer experience manager and sales advisor, Valentine ensures our professionnal partners get the best experience possible. If you notice some of our products in the surrounding bars and restaurants, she made that happen!

Camille Astié

Manager of Purchases and Supplier Relations

As manager of purchases and supplier relations, Camille is our front-end when it comes to our suppliers. She's the one bringing new products in stock, and making sure your favorites are always available!

Vincent Gamet 

B2B Internal Sales Advisor


As sales advisor, him and Valentine work hand-in-hand. When pros come visit us in our showroom, Vincent makes sure they never leave empty-handed, advising them on our products, or by giving samples for them to try them out themselves!


Marilyne Schott

Accounting and Sales Assistant


As an accounting and sales assistant, Marilyne ensures the best customer experience when it comes to invoicing and payments. She is also responsible for Alambika's glass printing program.

Vincent Pagé Blouin 

Warehouse Hero #1

As our warehouse hero, Vincent makes sure that everything doesn't catch on fire. Actually though, he's responsible for the structure and organisation of our warehouse, managing incoming and outgoing orders, and making sure our inventory is up to date.

Mathieu Legault-Forest 

Warehouse Hero #2

As our second warehouse hero, Mathieu also ensures that everything doesn't catch on fire. Together, him and Vincent are responsibles for everything that comes and goes from our warehouse, and to make sure that your deliveries get to your doorstep as nicely packed as possible.

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