Halloween shopping- what you need for a great cocktail party

Some of our best Halloween ideas to make a great cocktail party with Alambika products

Autumn is not only about warm cozy pullovers, pumpkin-spiced lattes and Fall foliage, it is a season of some great holidays and Halloween definitely gets all attention. If you are a bit like me and always had a weird feeling about Haloween with its plastic like aesthetics that is a reason enough to skip celebrating it entirely, worry not as I have some great ideas for this year that will allow you to enjoy the spooky night with a style. We here at Alambika believe that attention to detail is as important in a cocktail as it is in a financial report. So we prepared some cool items that would help you have a memorable night!

It's no secret that every great cocktail party has to have great cocktails. However, perfect mixing and right ingredients are only part of the equation. Don't overlook drink decoration as it adds up tremendously to the whole vibe of your event. When you pick cocktail glassware for a themed party you don't have to have a full set of identical glasses, just a few fun tiki mugs and carved pumpkin keg would do the trick. Fill the pumpkin dispenser with a cocktail of your choice, add some candles, dry tree branches and the tikis and you would have the most instagramable location of your home.

Cocktail picks can also be a great way to elevate the look of a glass and will help your guests to tell theirs apart. Another great way to mark a glass would be with a ribbon, glass markers or a glass pen.

As for the cocktail Fall provides tons of amazing options and such flavors like thyme, cinnamon, rosemary, cherry, apple and of course pumpkin that always taste even better during colder season. To reach depth for the flavor don't be shy to experiment with the bitters. For Bourbon based cocktails try Smoke & Oak by Ms Better's Bitters or Spiced Apple by Dashfire, gin goes amazingly well with Dillion's Lime Bitter or Cranberry by Fee Brothers, and tequila with L'aromatique of Amer Kebek. You got the idea.

Feeling adventurous enough? Impress your guests with a smoke infused cocktails as nothing beats smoke coming out of a glass or a cauldron on Halloween cocktail party. I am not even mentioning that you can smoke some cheese too!

If you are new to the smoking game and feel overwhelmed we have an introduction article for you that explains all the HOWs for this classy drinking experience.

smoking cocktail

A great way to have a variety of drinks with minimum amount of ingredients is to figure out base alcohol like rum or gin, stock on sparkling water or wine and present your guests several syrups. By having a selection of sweet and sour options you would give choice to people that will keep everyone happy. As a bonus you can always make not boring mocktails by mixing the syrups, some citrus and sparkling water. 

To add up to the vibe turn on one of the classical horror movies like The Birds or Ganja & Hess on mute, leave some scary notes with a lipstick on bathroom mirror and get a fun costume for your dog. Decant cocktail ingredients into black jars or simply print cool labels for them.  Don't forget about candles (you can find black ones!) and your home is pretty much set. No need for a major cleanup the next day, or throwing away bunch of plastic decorations. 

No matter what you decide to do along with your cocktail party for Halloween this year - have a horror movie trivia, scavenger hunt or solve a murder mystery, with this quick and easy preparation you for sure will have a great night!

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