Les Charlatans

Les Charlatans Syrups - Coffee & Cardamom


235ml (7.9oz)

  • Brazilian coffee roaste by Kittel
  • Cardamom from Épices de Cru
  • Handcrafted in Montreal with natural ingredients

 Don't miss it! Made from Brazilian coffee beans that were roasted in Montreal by Kittel Coffee Company, and cardamom from the Montreal famous spice boutique Épices de cru, this syrup signed by Les Charlatans is unique and has very subtle flavours. How to use it? Alcoholic Coffee Cocktails, such as the Jack Black and the Espresso Martini, or on top of ice cream and pancakes.


Les Charlatans is a great line of perfectly balanced cocktail syrups. The makers, originally french, operate and live in Montreal, Canada. Their idea was to create products inspired by old world syrups but with a contemporary twist and, especially, with the cocktail crowd in mind.