Les Charlatans

Les Charlatans Syrups - Chile & Tonka


235ml (7.9oz)

Les Charlatans (could be loosely translated as Snake Oil Salesmen) is a great line of small batch, handmade, well balanced and in good part organic cocktail syrups.

The makers, originally French, are now located in Montreal. Their inspiration was based on Old World syrup recipes, to which they gave a more contemporary twist. The syrup Chile and Tonka is a subtle mix between Chile Arbol (Mexican pepper) and tonka beans (contained in the fruit of Brazilian teak). You will find notes of vanilla, blackcurrant, almond, caramel and cinnamon. It is ideal for tiki cocktails, or any drink requiring a spicy and sweet touch.

Note: Excellent with coconut!

Of course, it can be enjoyed on ice cream, with soda water, for cooking, pastries, etc.