Amer Kebek

Who is Amer Kebek?

Claudia, a passionate mixologist with a bachelor's degree in communications, combines her love for visual arts, harvesting, cooking, and photography with the world of mixology. Her cocktails and bartending offerings boast a distinct boreal dimension, featuring hand-harvested local ingredients from Quebec.

Vincent, a student of nutrition and ecology at McGill University, embarked on his spirits journey by crafting award-winning rum in the Cayman Islands. As the head distiller and shareholder of "la Distillerie la Chaufferie," his pride lies in producing 100% local spirits, from grain to glass. Vincent strives to promote a harmonious blend of distilling artistry, natural science, and gastronomy.

Their passion for their craft is evident as they create unique and original spirits. Amer Kebek from Claudia and Vincent's distilleries adds a creative touch to the mixology and gastronomy scene. Their shared wish is to inspire other artists in the industry to create their own masterpieces using Quebecois flavors.

Brand's moto is "From our land and designed in a traditional way, our bitters are an endless source of creativity" and we totally agree! Amer Kebek has a unique taste of northern herbs whick makes it stand out.

We truly love the collection of northern bitters such as Forest, and Wild Mushrooms.

These exceptional bitters are meticulously crafted by macerating extraordinary ingredients in top-notch grain alcohol produced by La Chaufferie distillery in Granby, Quebec. The macerations rely on the inclusion of flowers, wild mushrooms, local fruits, and foraged elements. These exceptional bitters are the result of a collaborative effort between Vincent Van Horn, the head distiller at La Chaufferie, and Claudia Doyon, a seasoned mixologist and bar manager. Both of them work closely with locally sourced raw materials, which is instrumental in achieving the creation of such remarkable bitters. The founders distinguish themselves through their unwavering attention to detail and deep reverence for the ingredients, from the process of distillation to the art of mixology. They have taken it upon themselves to champion local producers while upholding eco-friendly practices. With pride, they proclaim their commitment to overseeing every step of the process, producing the bitters from grain to bottle. A mere few drops of these bitters are all it takes to transport your taste buds and elicit primal sensations.

The brand is highly appreciarted in bar and restaurant community of Quebec. You can find their products in Ritz-Carlton Montreal, Restaurant Les Botanistes Inc., Hotel Monville, Antidote FoodLab and others

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