Les Charlatans Syrups - Églantier - Alambika

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Les Charlatans


Les Charlatans Syrups - Églantier

This syrup made from freshly picked rosehip flowers. The rose hips are also known as the wild rose. This is why we find a delicate taste of rose in this product.

Les Charlatans is a small Montreal-based company that excels in making all natural, hand crafted syrups that are both fun to use and tasty. Whether they're mixed with sparkling water, thrown into a dish or blended in a cocktail, they can brighten any kind of gets together. The founder, Jeanne, grew up in France and she remembered how a dash of syrup could make a huge difference in mineral water, be it blackcurrant, orgeat or any homemade creation. That idea was then developed when she moved to Montreal and the brand was born!


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