Henri et Victoria

Who is Henri et Victoria?

Claude Pilon is the originating founder of Henri et Victoria. His background is in Biochemistry, which provides him comprehensive understanding of both skin and soap chemistry, along with lab safety and elite manufacturing practices.
Everything he has learned over the years has allowed him to harness that knowledge and apply it to this business. Every single ingredient in all of Henri et Victoria’s products have a specific function and are beneficial to the person who uses it. Claude is exceptionally proud of how the product was created, and how it has evolved into a collection of high-performing shaving products that solve a genuine issue; with a touch of class and an air of grace like no other shaving product brand has.
Jean-Mathieu Leblanc joined as Co-Owner of the business in 2016. With a Master’s in Administration, he was a born manager and an instinctive problem solver. Providing essential structure, organization, and optimization; the business was now ready to go international.
This has deepened our love of wet shaving, and we hope that you too can fall in love with your new grooming regimes and enjoy a quintessential wet shave once again.

As the old saying goes, with every problem lies a solution. Henri et Victoria came into the spotlight because it solves a genuine problem that almost every man has come across before. In fact, as the originating Company Founder, Claude has experienced this problem first-hand, and he knew he had to do something about it. The shaving products he tried were either low quality, but smelt great; or, they were good quality, but required to mic and match different scent to them whatsoever. This meant a mix of products was needed to get any kind of happy medium. Artisan products were not mainstream or idespread, and there weren’t too many that had a distinctive or even pleasant smell.
"So, I embarked on a mission to create a solution. I wanted it all, and I knew other men out there wanted the same too. My goal was to create a high-quality product that performed its intended job and smelt distinctively good, without being overbearing or ugly. I am wholly biased and exceptionally proud of our products. The Vegan Shaving Soap was lovingly created with a supreme formula, followed closely after by the Tallow-based having Soap."- shares Claude Pilon

Cognac and Cuban Cigars- Close your eyes, savor the smell, and let it linger for just a moment longer; you have arrived in Cuba. Imagine the pleasure of an afternoon game of poker, lounging around while smoking cigars and sipping on a fine fresh cognac. This defines masculinity with its rich aroma that combines sweet cognac coupled with an aromatic, subtle cool smoky charm.

Duc de Santal- Sit back and savor the musky, woody aromas that form part of this warm and comforting scent. Sophistication in every sense of the word, Duc de Santal defines notability and a sense of good taste and high-class styling of the upper echelons of society.

Navigateur- Experience the iodine scents and the sea breeze all year round. Fresh and inspiring, this aquatic fragrance creates a sense of relaxation and vitality through its floral and acidic notes, accompanied by a woody base that gives a feeling of depth and intensity. The essence of this fragrance is powerful and elegant and has a distinct character.

Henri et Victoria are driven by a single, powerful idea: to take traditional shaving & beard care to the next level, because they believe that it should be a joyful ritual that enriches people’s lives, not a chore.
As they make their own products, they can control the quality of our ingredients internally, from sourcing the highest standard ingredients to manufacturing our products to ensure consistency and quality. This way they can ensure that the products meet the highest standards and customers can have confidence in quality promise.
Customer's satisfaction is their top priority. The team works hard to exceed customers’ expectations by providing superior product quality and excellent customer service.
Each year Henri et Victoria donates money to a cause in support of research. This year they have chosen to support the Children Hospital of Eastern Ontario as well as Movember.

Henri et Victoria collaborate with many companies, barbershops and well-known grooming brands that offers high-quality razors and shaving products such as Dartmouth Shaving, Filsade, Canadian Mafia Show, Dillinger's ¦ MtL, Saponaria etc.
As for events, they are participating in meetups, events and trade shows ( Christmas Markets, Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Summer markets, Maggard’s Wet Shave Meet Up, One of a kind show, Vague de concours, Movember, Prix MercadOr and others) that are a great way to showcase the products or services with potential customers and partners.