Les Charlatans

Les Charlatans Syrups - Lime & Pepper


235ml (7.9oz)

The Lime and Pepper syrup signed Les Charlatans is made from organic limes pressed and peeled by hand, and an infusion of whole Malabar pepper. The slightly tangy and tangy flavor skillfully balances the sweet feel of this syrup. This is a perfect substitute for the traditional lime cordial and is sure to add an extra touch of sophistication to your cocktails. Perfect, among other things, to enhance a Margarita or a Gimlet.

Of course, you can spoil yourself and use this syrup on ice cream, sparkling water, in cooking or for baking.


Les Charlatans is a great line of perfectly balanced cocktail syrups. The makers, originally french, operate and live in Montreal, Canada. Their idea was to create products inspired by old world syrups but with a contemporary twist and, especially, with the cocktail crowd in mind.