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Jack Rudy


Jack Rudy - Sweet Tea Syrup 500ml

500ml (16oz)

  • An hommage to a Southern classic
  • Handcrafted in South Carolina with natural ingredients
  • Small numbered batches



Jack Rudy is an American cocktail line of syrups named after a clever engineer, air daredevil and amateur cocktail enthusiast. Their minimalist labels are incredibly pleasing to the eye and act as a true customer magnet. We’ve tested it and we’re sure you’ll be able to confirm!




  • Un hommage à un classique du sud des États-Unis
  • Fait à la main en Caroline du Sud avec des ingrédients naturels
  • Petits lots numérotés


Jack Rudy est une ligne américaine de sirops nommée en l'honneur d'un ingénieur brillant, à la fois casse-cou et amateur de cocktails. Leurs étiquettes minimalistes sont attrayantes et agissent comme un réel aimant sur les clients. Nous l'avons testé, maintenant vous n'avez qu'à confirmer!

The company was named after the two founders' great-grandfather, Jack Rudy. His story is entirely true and on the side of their bottle :“Jack Rudy was many things. He was a pilot who illegally flew his plane under the Ohio River Bridge (on a dare), an inventor who created a mechanical device for pharmacists to count pills, and a craftsman who once built a houseboat out of an old city bus. After serving as an aircraft mechanic in WWII, he spent his working life as an engineer. He read Popular Mechanics and National Geographic cover to cover - a curious type who made his own bullets, and shot them into a dirt wall he constructed in his basement. In addition to being a ‘marvelous’ dancer, he LOVED to entertain and was known to overindulge in drink, smoke, and his wife’s gourmet cooking." 


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