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Folding Knife - Higonokami Black Handle

Higonokami Knife

The city of Seki (Sakai), Japan, is known for being the Japanese capital of swords and cutlery since over 600 years. The city contains the accumulated knowledge of generations of blacksmiths who perfected the art and science of samurai swords.

Today, the master craftsmen (some octogenarians) still apply and pass on their expertise even though the warlords have now long been replaced by culinary chefs as main customers.

Sakai Takayuki Aoki Hamono Seisakusho is one of the most famous and renowned manufacturers of Seki, which hires several generations of blacksmiths and apprentices. The company offers a large variety of kitchen knives, for both professional chefs and home cook.

We have made our selection by keeping in mind that we want to offer you good value for your money as well as the best knives for your needs. Indeed, some of these knives sells for a few thousands of dollars.

If you work in a food related trade (sushi chef, butcher, fishmonger, etc..) and you are looking for a special Japanese knife shape, please feel free to contact us. Since we import these knives directly from where they are created, we will be happy to place a special order for you.


La ville de Seki (Sakai) au Japon est reconnue comme étant la capitale des épées et de la coutellerie depuis plus de 600 ans. La ville regroupe plusieurs forgerons qui s'y sont établis de génération en génération, et qui ont perfectionné la science et l'art des sabres de samouraï.

Aujourd'hui, les maîtres forgerons, certains même sont octogénaires, appliquent et enseignent les techniques ancestrales à leurs recrues. Un des maîtres les plus reconnus, Sakai Takayuki Aoki Seisakusho, offre un grand éventail de couteaux, autant pour les professionnels que les chefs à la maison.


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