Absinthe Fountain - Belle Epoque Copper


Alambika is happy to have the Belle Epoque absinthe fountain in its portfolio, with its ancient looking copper finish. A bit smaller than the Lady or the Fairy Fountain, the Belle Epoque model is better balanced and more stable, and still has 4 drippers.

To use this beautiful object and enjoy the legendary ritual that surrounds Absinthe, you simply need to fill the reservoir with very cold water. You put one ounce of the green liquor in a glass, then you place an Absinthe spoon horizontally on the rim. On the larger part of the spoon, you put a sugar cube. The goal of this ritualistic process is to dilute and soften the alcohol with water and sugar, so make sure to align the elements in a way that on its way to the glass, the water drops onto the sugar.

The metal parts are carved with leaves and floral patterns. Note that the pattern on the glass reservoir may vary from a fountain to another.