3/4 OZ

Who is 3/4 OZ?

3/4 oz. is a collaboration between two friends, Alexandrine Lemaire and Hannah Palmer, whose
love of design, photography and gastronomy led them to create this brand celebrating a passion for quality syrup mixers from natural ingredients.

In 2013, photographer Hannah Palmer and designer Alexandrine Lemaire, both freelancers,
decided to create their own artisanal tonic. “We didn’t even have a business plan,” explains
Alexandrine. “We just wanted to make a product that we liked since we were both foodies who
loved cocktails and going out.”

After testing many versions, the two young women settled on a recipe, helped along by Hannah
Palmer’s training in chemistry. “Tonics were originally medicines,” states Lemaire. “We wanted
to return to an ancestral way of  making tonic by removing all the chemical additives used by
industrial producers.” Drawing on her knowledge of design, Lemaire developed the branding
featuring simple graphics and used glass bottles reminiscent of old apothecary jars to play on
the idea of tonics as medicine.

Tonic Syrup has always been the hit and we recommend to start with it as it will make you fall in love with the brand.

3/4 OZ carefully crafts delicate syrups in small batches to enhance the flavours of spirits. The non- alcoholic mixers provide an alternative to commercial products with a refined, fresh taste.They are light, low-sugar and locally prepared. The high-end, small-batch cocktail syrups will add a refined touch to all your alcoholic and non-alcoholic creations.

Long time partnerships are definitely what 3/4 OZ values most. Fairmont Château Frontenac is one of them. They’ve reached 3/4 OZ back in 2014 at the very beginning of the company and asked them to create their own Tonic for their rebranded bar and restaurants in Québec city. They created the Tonic le Sam, which is still part of their bar program today.