Fujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 210mm


The Gyuto is the standard chef knife among Japanese cutlery. Contrary to its American version, the Gyuto doesn't have a bolster at the junction of handle and blade. It also sports a thinner, harder blade large enough to do most of the kitchen work, making it a perfect tool for the seasoned cook.

Handmade Fujiwara Nashiji Gyuto 210mm knives are made of extremely hard white carbon steel, clad with stainless steel. Therefore they combine characteristics of carbon steel (extreme hardness, an edge that stays sharp for a very long time, and is easy to sharpen) and stainless steel (easy to maintain, reduced risk of rusting).

The line has been named Nashiji (Japanese term for "pear skin”), in reference to the blade's finish.

The Fujiwara family started as blade forgers over 130 years ago. First farm tools then swords. After WWII the production of swords was severely limited and the family turned to knives and scissors for production industries.