Kurosaki AS - Gyuto 240mm - Alambika

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Yu Kurosaki


Kurosaki AS - Gyuto 240mm

Total Knife Length: 400mm Blade Length Tip to Heel: 240mm Blade Height: 50mm Blade Width at spine: 2.7mm Total Weight: 205 grams Steel Type: Aogami Super SS Clad Rockwell Hardness: 61 - 63 Handle Materials: Rosewood Octagonal ( Wa)

blacksmith : Yu Kurosaki is an incredibly talented young blacksmith. He apprenticed with master Hiroshi Hato. His knives are not only super practical, great looking but also demonstrates some of the best traditional Japanese forging technique. He is still eager to innovate new design and materials to pursue his ideals

Aogami Super, a really special steel called Super Blue steel. This is a high carbon steel which can rust, but takes a better edge and holds it longer than most stainless steel. Aogami Super is extra special, as the addition of chromium slows rusting and the molecular structure is more elastic which can reduce the chances of chipping.

Yoshihiro Cutlery started in Japan, over a hundred years ago. Since 2008, they also established themselves in California, and they now offer their knives to the rest of the world. Loyal to the traditions dating back to 700 years ago, the knives are handmade the way ancient swords were.

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